Mizzen sheet on - Maneuvering drink on the Gorch Fock

We have already described the history and importance of maneuver swallowing in another blog article. In this article we introduce you to a really special maneuver swallow: the "mizzen sheet on"

The "Besanschot an" Manöverschluck is issued by the commander (captain) of the crew in the German Navy on the sail training ship "Gorch Fock" after successful training on the day before the last port of call.

In the maritime world there are terms for everything and one often wonders where they come from. The mizzen sail is a fore and aft sail on the rearmost mast on a ship. Basically, this sail is operated last. As a symbol of operating the last sail, a ration of rum was and is distributed on the last evening before sailing.

Some traditions and customs are simply beautiful!