Maneuver swallow spells

You may have already read where the ritual of the maneuver swallow is derived from (if not: here is the link to it: maneuver swallow )

Today, maneuver swallowing is practiced more for fun. It is therefore not surprising that some introductory sayings have emerged over time.

1st and probably the most important saying. Saying is the wrong word. Rather, it is the ceremonial introduction of the donation to Rasmus (god of the winds and the sea) combined with a ritual. The donation is introduced with a saying:

"Rasmus you old turnip pig, let the wind and sun be on us!" Then a tiny sip goes downwind into the sea. Upwind you would only annoy Rasmus because he wouldn't get anything. Then the rum makes the rounds on board.

2. If you falter like ten at Beaufort, better leave the next rum standing!

3rd classic: Don't chatter for long - head back.