15% discount on JJ's Maneuver Gulp on the occasion of the 2020 Rum Regatta

We are happy to be part of the 41st Rumregatta in Flensburg.

The Rumregatta in Flensburg is taking place for the 41st time this year. The regatta has been organized by the Museumshafen Flensburg on a voluntary basis since 1980 and is very popular. In the beginning, almost 30 ships took part - today there are over 100 ships. A curious story at the regatta is the award ceremony, traditionally called prize squandering. There are many special prizes, such as for the care of the boat. However, the main prize of the regatta does not go to 1st place, but to 2nd place. A novice skipper who is happy about 1st place will be amazed at the award ceremony at the latest.

We are happy to support the Museumshafen Flensburg as the organizer of the regatta with JJ's maneuver swallow for the award ceremony.

Click here to learn more about the Rum Regatta: LINK

For everyone who couldn't sail JJ's maneuver swallow, we've come up with something special. You will receive a 15% discount on your first order. The discount code is: RUMREGATTA2020

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