What is a maneuver swallow

What is a maneuver swallow

The term maneuver swallowing is derived from "splice the mainbrace". In the past, Royal Navy soldiers were given a ration of alcoholic beverage for a dangerous onboard emergency repair. So you could say for an extraordinary "manoeuvre" Later, the soldiers received an extra ration of rum when they "splice the mainbrace" (you can find out more about the history of rum in seafaring here: Link ).

Today, the maneuver drink is drunk together as a reward for a successful maneuver or a particularly beautiful moment.

Reinhold Tittel describes today's maneuver swallowing ritual in a very entertaining way in his book " Kapitan Hary und das Meer" published by Weishaupt Verlag :

"A maneuver swallow is usually performed after each maneuver. Be it a maneuver under sail or under power. A maneuver usually has the following sequence: maneuver / maneuver swallow.

In rare cases, a maneuver swallow is performed before the maneuver, but this is done to make a maneuver all the more successful.
This is then called a maneuver preview.
A maneuver could therefore have such a sequence: maneuver pre-sip / maneuver / maneuver swallow.
However, it is not advisable to perform a maneuver swallow or a maneuver pre-swallow during a maneuver, as it is easy to choke while working.
This is called a "maneuver swallow."
Such maneuver swallows can cause a maneuver to fail. For this reason, Kapitan Hary issued the order: No maneuver swallow during a maneuver.
A maneuver sip usually consists of a clear, high-proof drink. (Note from our side: A JJ's maneuver sip is better because it is based on rum, rum is the actual drink of seafarers and is simply .very tasty. Read more about it: Link )
A mineral water is not suitable for a maneuver sip.
If you consider that there are a lot of maneuvers in seafaring, the opportunity to be able to take a maneuver swallow is quite large.
I even claim that seafaring is a single manoeuvre.
Even a change of course during the journey is to be regarded as a manoeuvre.
This requires a major task for the helmsman, who is directly involved in the manoeuvre. However, it is advisable for him not to celebrate a maneuver swallow every time he changes course. Because it is very easy for the helmsman to become unstable in his thinking and disrupt the sequence of movements, and this has an indirect effect on the ship's course accuracy.
In principle, every crew member is free to participate in a maneuver swallow.
It goes without saying that during an important manoeuvre, such as docking or casting off, the entire crew celebrates a manoeuvre-sip out of joy at the successful work.
A good captain, like our captain Hary, spreads maneuver swallows throughout the day. He always makes sure that maneuvers are not accumulated over a period of time in order not to create a concentration of maneuver swallowing that might be dangerous for some of the crew.
A maneuver without maneuver swallowing is only practiced in rare cases.
This usually happens when the evening before at the Konobanese or in the wine cellar was quite successful.
I even claim: There is no maneuver swallow without a maneuver.
However, our beloved Captain Hary has simply elevated this to a maneuver and calls it "swallowing manoeuvre".
Of course, such a maneuver can also be followed by a maneuver swallow or a maneuver pre-swallow.
Such a swallowing maneuver can therefore have the following sequence: swallowing maneuver / maneuver swallow.
Or in the best case: Maneuver pre-sip / swallowing maneuver / maneuver swallow.
A maneuver swallow without a maneuver is practiced more often than a maneuver without a maneuver swallow, i.e. a so-called swallow maneuver. This is when no maneuver is made or expected for a long time."
We recommend you prefer JJ's maneuver sip instead of a clear hard liquor. And please consider that the sea rescuers prefer to stay in port, so please do not toast to every manoeuvre.