We support the Ocean Clean Up project

As a sailor, you probably enjoy the beautiful nature as much as we do. But maybe you have already experienced that it feels like there is more and more waste in the water. Recently I "fished" Styrofoam and other things in the Bay of Lübeck.

We want to continue to enjoy the beautiful nature and therefore donate with every bottle of our rum sold to the "Ocean Clean Up" project.

The Ocean Clean Up project aims to rid the oceans of plastic waste. An unbelievable 33 million euros have already been "collected" for this. The project was heavily hyped on the one hand, but also clearly criticized. It was criticized, for example, that cleaning up the seas would not create any incentive for people to avoid plastic waste, since cleaning would take place afterwards. Furthermore, too little plastic waste would be collected and the flora and fauna on the sea surface could be damaged by the cleaning.

The project team has learned from the experiences made and has come a step further towards the goal of not wanting to heal the symptoms but rather tackling the problem. In the future, plastic fishing vessels will be used on rivers to prevent the plastic from drifting into the ocean and then sinking into deeper water layers.

We ourselves are a young company that is always learning. That's why we're happy to support the Ocean Clean Up project.